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  • 5,000 Thermal Wristbands 1" x 11"

    Please specify the amount of stacks for each color desired. Example: 1 Blue Stack, 2 Yellow stacks, and 7 Green Stacks = 10 Stacks = 5,000 Wristbands
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    Our thermal wristbands are available in 5 different colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and White and with a size of 1" x 11". It can be printed with 200 or 300 dpi printers. Our wristbands provide two black marks at back to be compatible for many direct thermal printers on the market. 5,000 Wristbands include 10 stacks that can be a range of colors. Please note these wristbands are non water proof. Feel free to request free samples for your review.