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Keep control of your event access and minimize the risk of counterfeiting your event tickets.

VerificAPP is a new application to verify and authenticate encrypted QR codes. Use it as a main verification entrance or secondary step verification. With VerificAPP you can save money by minimizing the risk of counterfeited tickets.

How does it work:

We'll create and add your event codes to your verificAPP account all you have to do is print your codes on your tickets or wristbands and start up scanning.

VerificAPP offers the following:

Encrypted QR codes, VERY IMPORTANT, no one sees the QR code info but the client with a login account.

Exit and Return feature: Customer may request to exit the event to return later you may edit/mark customer QR code throw the App history page. You may add numbers, letters or alphanumeric info from picture ID when customer returns verify the ID with previously added info and customer picture.

Event Report available upon request at no additional fee. Report may include date, time, ticket number, alphanumeric, color etc.

VerificAPP is currently compatible for Android system.

Up to three users simultaneously logged in, additional users available at a small fee.

Request download test account by e-mail jcortez@thermalticketgraphics.com

Request plan pricing or ask any additional questions at 561-860-2859

Must have internet access to use VerificAPP