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Free Ticket Samples

Thermal Ticket Graphics, Inc. is happy to provide free ticket samples for your review and compatibility. Yes, samples are free of charge however shipping cost is not. This is due to high volume requests from non-prospect customers. We are now charging for shipping cost, but if you place your first order of minimum 10,000 tickets we'll deduct the $10.00 shipping cost from this request. If you need samples to be shipped to other countries please give us a call to arrange services. 

Tickets Specifications:
  • Size 2" x 5.5" (inches)
  • Stock 7.5
  • Resolution 300dpi
  • 7 colors available

Ticket Printers Compatibility:
  • Practical Automation
  • Boca Printers
  • Godex RT730i and many other models
  • Custom America
  • Stimare